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Public Record Office - The National Archives at Kew.
Old building to the left. New to the right.

This Military & Historical Searches website is dedicated to helping historical and family researchers everywhere.

Being London based puts us in the heart of prime research territory at The National Archives (TNA) at Kew, and elsewhere in London at the British Library (BL), London Metropolitan Archives (LMA), The Guildhall Library (GL), Lambeth Palace Library (LPL), Westminster Archives (WA), and The Newspaper Library (NL).

British historical resources provide a fantastic mine of information for academic and specialist historians of all types. Also for genealogists who seek to build on existing knowledge of their ancestors' lives and occupations or to find clues to reopen or revitalize dormant files. Nowadays, most family and history researchers residing in the British Isles or elsewhere in the English speaking world will have had English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh or colonial ancestry at some point. It is likely that their ancestors might be found in military, naval, occupational or departmental records created in the past three centuries. Especially rewarding for genealogists are the records of the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Coastguard, Merchant Seamen, Metropolitan Police, Customs & Excise, RIC, migrants & naturalizations and prisoners & convicts.

Search/Research services are not limited solely to family history. Military & Historical Searches services extend beyond the genealogical into biographical and academic fields. Specialist services are also provided for academics, authors, journalists, film, TV, radio and publishers. This may be desk or field research.

This aim of this website is to educate as well as inform. The reader will find lists of records that can be usefully searched along with articles about some of the repositories served.

I hope it is what you have been looking for.

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